Milgard SmartTouch® Latch

Milgard wanted a tougher, more secure latch with improved usability as compared to traditional rotating cam latches. With SmartTouch®, they got that and more. Its smooth, single-motion operation has earned Milgard an Arthritis Foundation Ease-Of-Use Commendation. The robust design and construction of the latch allows it to exceed California forced-entry codes by 25%, making SmartTouch® one of the most secure latches available.

Milgard has a long history of innovation in their industry, and that tradition continued with the SmartTouch® Latch. In addition, the SmartTouch® design concept has been extended into patio door latches and secondary security features, helping Milgard maintain their position as an innovation leader.

Agility is proud to have helped Milgard with this important extension of its product line.

From the personal portfolio of Dan Blase

SonoSite S-Series

SonoSite has long been known as an innovator in portable, rugged diagnostic ultrasound devices. Looking to simultaneously develop two new devices, SonoSite reached out for help with the S-Series. This new device was the industry’s first mountable ultrasound system, and featured a simplified user interface that made ultrasound diagnosis faster and easier in places like the Emergency Room and ICU.

With Agility’s help, SonoSite launched the S-Series months ahead of schedule, which helped SonoSite strengthen market share and increase revenue.

From the personal portfolio of Dan Blase


The XBOX 360 was the hugely successful follow-up to the first generation XBOX. Key to its popularity was the updated controller, which features key improvements such as wireless capability, smaller size, and improved ergonomics. More than 100 million units have been sold, while neither the controller nor the primary tooling that makes its key components have been redesigned.

With Agility’s help, XBOX set a new standard for game controller performance. This helped make the XBOX 360 one of the top-selling game systems ever produced.

From the personal portfolio of Dan Blase