"At Deako, we took on a massive challenged to build multiple products simultaneously.  We knew we couldn't do it alone, and we needed experts to help us.  Unique to our product strategy we needed to design a product that would be incredibly low cost and last for decades not years.  Agility didn't just design our mechanical enclosure.  They were an integral part of our development team and I can't say enough about how Dan and his team seamlessly joined our team and simply executed." 

Derek Richardson
Co-founder & CEO, Deako



“There is one recommendation that I can make about Dan that stands above everything else: when Dan makes a commitment he keeps it. 

He's great at communicating program status and always identifies methods for overcoming the inevitable challenges that all programs face. He also has the ability to work with anyone to get the job done.”

Art Lounsbery
Product DevelopmentExecutiv


If you are looking for a quick, flexible, innovative engineering team, Agility Design is the team for you. They went from kickoff to working prototype in less than four weeks! And with that came the other tools I need to reduce my development risks and keep my project moving. 

Bob Pinkerton
Managing Partner, Metrique Marketing



“Dan is a rock solid performer, consistently delivering under high pressure. I have seen Dan and his team at work on two large scale projects and they came through every time, even when they are pushing the boundaries
again and again.”

Paul Hornikx
Director of Design and Engineering